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Pablo Cano

Co-Founder and CEO Live N Learn Spain

I went abroad to study English several times as a teenager, then during college I had the chance to go to the University of Alabama for 3 months and live in student housing with locals my age. I learned so much in just a few months and made some great friendships while learning alongside my roommates by just living daily life with them. Upon my return I still kept in touch with friends I had made and was motivated to continue improving my English skills and exploring the culture. And this was something missing from my teenage travels abroad: real connections with people my age!

When Robin and I started Live N Learn, I knew that the cornerstone of the program needed to be matching students together who are a similar age and have things in common. I want to give students the experience that I never got as a kid and hope they will find purpose in learning a language and have a reason to stick with it. Our philosophy is to not have classes, but for students to learn by living real-life experiences in a different country and alongside natives who are motivated by friendships and the possibility of learning about a new culture.

I love giving Spanish students the opportunity to make friends for life from a different country! It’s so fun to see how close they get to their American family and as a result how much they learn. I also love having the opportunity to guide Americans around my country and making them eat new and challenging foods! Nothing makes me happier than seeing their faces when they try things like octopus, anchovies, blood sausage and Spain’s pride and joy- jamón ibérico!