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Alicia Yourkiewicz

U.S. Programs Manager

I fell in love with the Spanish language the first day of my first Spanish class in high school. It was the class I was most excited about taking but had never had the opportunity prior to ninth grade. After starting my undergraduate studies, I took every Spanish class I could get my hands on. Since I could only take one language class at a time, I took classes like Spanish Art History and Spanish linguistic classes to fill my schedule. During undergrad, I studied abroad twice –Mexico and the Dominican Republic. I fell in the love with Spanish culture, the food, the lackadaisical view of time, the warmth of the people. I ended up double majoring in Strategic Communication and Spanish. I went on to get my Masters in Education in School Counseling. Since graduating, I have worked in middle schools and high schools with federal grants, in childcare, and directly with teachers. I absolutely love working with children and the education community.I met Robin during my first study abroad travels and we have remained friends over the years.When an opportunity opened up at Live N Learn, I was beyond ecstatic to join the team. If I had been offered to opportunity to host a student or study in Spain while still in high school, I would have jumped at the chance! I love being able to offer this amazing opportunity tostudents! For me, Live N Learn is the perfect combination of working with students, the Spanish culture, the teaching community, and travel. LNL works to enrich children’s lives and I am very excited to be a part of this family! I am married with two sons, both of whom began Spanish classes in Kindergarten. They have loved their introduction to the Spanish language so far and I hope to continue to cultivate their eagerness to learn and speak Spanish!