Participant or participant’s parent/guardian must submit cancellation request to Live ‘n Learn in writing by email ( Please clearly indicate participant’s name, school and program name.


Live ‘n Learn may cancel a participant due to lack of payment or failure to abide by teacher’s rules/standards. Cancellation fees will be assessed in these cases.

Refund Policy in case of cancellation

Days before departure


130+ days All payments less $250
90 to 129 days All payments less $550
60 to 89 days All payments less $1,200
30 to 59 days Determined on a case by case basis
30 days or less No refund


Based on availability, cancelled participants may re-enroll by submitting any missing payments plus a $50 fee and any applicable changes in airline costs. Payment must be in the form of a cashier’s check or money order.


If you would like cancellation insurance, you can purchase iTravelInsured’s Travel LX cancellation insurance. This policy offers a 100% refund in the event of cancellation due to: emergency illness; injury or death to you, a family member or travel companion; financial default; a terrorist incident; jury duty; home made uninhabitable by fire, wind, storm, flood or vandalism; quarantine; auto accident on way to airport; job termination; cancelled leave for active duty military, police or fire fighters. It will refund you 75% of program cost if you decide to cancel for any other reason not specified above. Please consult policy brochure for more information.

To  purchase cancellation insurance, fill out this form in the registration packet and submit with payment.  Make payment online with deposit at time of registration.