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The LNL Difference

Be a Host Family
Our organization is founded on two beliefs that distinguish us from other travel companies.

We believe that the best way to improve in a language is by USING it! For that reason, we create experiential learning through real-life situations outside of the classroom like homestays or school visits. Our goal is for students to be immersed in the language during every moment of the trip and to make connections with students their age with whom they can practice the target language.

We also believe strongly in building relationships with our teachers to ensure that we create an itinerary that is perfectly tailored to their students’ needs. We work very closely with our teachers and are there every step of the way from planning to executing the dream trip for their students. 

Travel With Us

Real-Life Immersion

From home stays to school visits, your students will have opportunities to practice the target language with locals.

Free Travel

For every six students that attends the trip, one group leader will get to travel with the group at no expense to them.

Group Leader Perks

While students are in their homestay, group leaders will be given a stipend and get to soak in all that the destination country has to offer.

Work With Us

Become a Local Coordinator

– Your Dream Summer Job –

Bring international students to your area by becoming a Local Coordinator and facilitating a short four-week English immersion experience for a number of students coming at the same time.

Local Coordinators place and supervise international students in the United States with families that have a child the same age and gender as them as well as similar interests. During the four weeks, Local Coordinators supervise the students and organize activities for them and their families in their own community. This is a great way to make a summer income while simultaneously bringing culture to your area!