Steps for Getting Started

Click on the links below to find out how to choose the ideal program for your school, advertise, host an informational meeting, fundraise and prepare your students for the trip of a lifetime!

With our help and guidance, you will be able to decide which program is best for your students. Choose between programs we've already done or customize your own trip.
We will provide you with decorative posters for your classroom and hallways to generate interest and excitement. We can also provide posters to help publicize the informational meeting that include spaces to fill in the date and time.

Talk to your students about the opportunity to go to Spain and show them the Live ‘n Learn video to get them excited. We also suggest making an announcement on your school’s PA system, putting an ad or article in the school newspaper and handing out fliers. Your goal is to get as many people as possible to your informational meeting.

Recruit help from other Spanish teachers
For every seven students, one teacher travels to Spain for free! Get the other Spanish teachers involved in the planning and recruitment process.

Send a letter or email to parents
Inform parents of the great opportunity that their children have to go to Spain. Use Live ‘n Learn’s parent letter template or write your own letter to persuade them to attend the informational meeting.
If possible, a Live 'n Learn representative will present to interested parents and students. If this is not possible, all you need to do is follow our PowerPoint and show your enthusiasm!

Topics covered:
1) Intro to Live ‘n Learn
a. Mission
b. Trip Description
2) Video
3) Trip details
a. Itinerary
b. Group travel (if applicable)
c. Airfare
d. Dates
e. Price
i. What’s included/not included
ii. Deadlines
4) Benefits of traveling
5) Payment schedule
6) Insurance
7) Fundraising
8) Parent questions
9) Sign up interested students

Live ‘n Learn Informational Meeting Powerpoint, registration packet and brochures.
Students must scan and email Registration forms to, turn in originals to group leader and pay initial deposit online by pre-established deadline. Once all forms have been collected, mail in one envelope to:
Live ‘n Learn
P.O. Box 42214
Cincinnati, OH 45242

*Late enrollments are accepted, subject to availability, and must pay a $50 late enrollment fee.
Organizing and carrying out fundraising activities is a great way to get your group working together and to get to know each other! Encourage parents to get involved as well to help their children raise money and lower the cost of their trip. There are many ways to fundraise and it’s important for you and your students to have fun with it! Be sure to get fundraisers approved by school administration if they're going to take place ons school property. Some ideas are:

Scrip programs
Sign up your school group at and sell gift cards to friends and family. There are hundreds of companies to choose from to buy clothes, groceries, gas, electronics and more! You sell the gift card for face value, but you pay 3-15% less and keep the difference. There are no start-up costs, just print out the brochures and start selling!

Concession stands
Get in contact with major/minor league stadiums to see if they participate in profit-sharing fundraising activities. Also, contact the athletic boosters at your school to see if you can help out with the concession stands at school sporting events. With your school’s permission you could also set up a mini concession stand at your school after classes every day or on Fridays and have program participants help work it. Buy snacks in bulk from a wholesale club or see what kind of donations you can get.

Sell homemade goods
Set up a stand in the cafeteria to sell baked goods, smoothies, hot chocolate or even an easy-to-make hot meal (tacos, subs, hotdogs, etc.). Get your students to make the food or have the food donated from local grocery stores or restaurants and get 100% of the proceeds. You can also sell non-food items such as t-shirts with a cool design made by a student (have a group or school-wide contest to design the best t-shirt and use the winning design).

Ice cream Social
Go to local grocery stores or ice cream shops and tell them about your fundraiser and program in Spain and ask them to donate toppings, cones, bowls and ice cream. Set up a stand at lunch and sell sundaes and receive all of the proceeds.

You can raffle off money by doing a 50/50 raffle where the winner gets half the pot and your group keeps the other half or raffle gift baskets with donations collected from local companies.

Restaurant night
Choose a popular local restaurant and work with them to organize an event with food specials and fill the restaurant in exchange for a percentage of the profits. Have an informational table set up and run by the participants to inform the public about the trip to Spain and to accept additional donations.

Yankee candle fundraising
Earn 40% profit on every product your students sell from “America’s Best Loved CandleTM” company! Get signed up at and participate in either their Spring or Fall selling season.

Encourage students to start a group blog or website or to do it individually. They can share information about the trip and ask for donations. They can use to collect donations via and you will get a free fundraising mall for online shopping that gives shoppers access to numerous big name brands and stores. Invite people to shop through your mall and your group will get money for every purchase made.

Host a dance or fun event
Host a fun event for all students at your school and charge admission. Get creative or celebrate Spanish/Latin American holidays! For Dia de los Muertos you could organize a haunted house in your Spanish classroom and have different disgusting foods for students to touch while blind-folded and charge a small admission fee. Talk to other teachers and have them bring their students to your classroom during the school day. Host a 5 de mayo party or dance and serve Mexican food donated from grocery stores or Mexican restaurants. Organize a movie day during school on the last day before winter break or on a Friday afternoon. Set up a projector in the gym or auditorium and sell popcorn and drinks.

Websites for more ideas
Organize group sessions to prepare your students and get them excited for their trip to Spain! Live ‘n Learn will provide packets to hand out that cover important topics such as: the history of Spain, geography, school system, Spanish families, cultural differences, restaurants and food, public transportation, money, etc.