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June 30 – July 28, 2024

This program takes place in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati such as Mason, Montgomery, Blue Ash, etc.*

*If your family lives in a different area of the city, but is willing to drive to 2-3 weekly activities you can still participate in this program! You might also consider our other program in the Cincinnati area which has 1 weekly activity.

Program Overview

  • Your family will be matched with a Spanish student who is the same age, gender and has similar interests as one of your children.
  • Your family has the opportunity to host for 1-4 weeks. Each student that comes can have up to two host families. If you are available for the full 4 weeks we recommend it, but will try our best to accommodate any availability.
  • There will be 2-3 FREE and fun activities per week. Some are just for the Spanish student and American siblings and others include the whole family.
  • The Spanish student will become another member of your family and live your daily life, accompanying you in everything you do. They can participate in sports, camps and may even travel out of town with your family.

Learn more by reading our FAQ’s about hosting here!

Host Family Requirements

  • Welcome your Spanish student into your home and treat them as a member of your family.
  • Speak English within the home during the Spaniard’s stay. It is OK if English is not your family’s native language, but it must be used between family members and with the Spanish student while they are at your house.
  • Provide your Spanish student 3 meals a day, including family meals eaten outside of the home.
  • Provide your Spanish student their own bed. They may share a room with a host student the same gender and around the same age as them.
  • Attend and provide transportation to group activities.

For more in-depth information on host family expectations, click to view the Live N Learn Host Family Agreement.


Each week your family participates in our program there will be 2-3 FREE activities around the Cincinnati area!

Some Past Activities

Kings Island

Reds game

FC Cincinnati game

Lazer Kraze

Main Event

Sample Program Calendar

Local Coordinator

Robin Hunsucker - Live N Learn

Robin Hunsucker

Robin, the Co-Founder of Live N Learn, is also the Local Coordinator for our Cincinnati Program. Robin first fell in love with Spain when she traveled there after her senior year of high school and had the chance to live with a host family who had kids her same age. She realized in that time that communicating in another language felt like magic and was determined to one day live in Spain. Fast forward four years, Robin was teaching English and living in Madrid—finally fulfilling her post high school dream. Robin left her teaching position to start Live N Learn, a company that puts creating friendships between Spanish and American kids as the center. Most of her days are spent in the role as Co-Founder, but every summer Robin enjoys being Local Coordinator for Cincinnati and showing Spaniards the glory of S’mores, celebrating 4th of July and seeing their faces when they have their first bite of peanut butter or Cincinnati’s famous Skyline chili (which can be a hit or miss).




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